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I invested in my first Rikonda eBike last year with the intention of using it for my daily commute to work. Before this, I’ve always driven or taken public transportation for my commute. When looking back on my purchase, I can say the investment paid out both in practicality and the enjoyment I had from using my eBike daily. The money I was able to save by staying away from public transportation has already paid for more than half of the purchase price. Also, the extra power I had from the bike’s electric motor gave me the confidence I needed to take longer routes, helping me stay on my eBike for longer. The staff at iCycle Electric are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. All in all, I am delighted with both my eBike as well as the service I was given from purchase to post-purchase support.

Lance Navarro, Christchurch, New Zealand

Customer blog: https://medium.com/@LanceNavarro/3-tips-to-keep-your-ebike-safe-and-secure-89dc328f8520

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The bike has been a joy to ride (and to look at!)

Douglas, Christchurch, New Zealand

Firstly I would like to thank you for the great service and advice you gave us before we bought the e-bike. I shopped around quite a bit but your customer service was superior to any other shop.

I feel that I got great value for my money and I am loving my bike.

Thanks for your time and effort.

Elsie, Christchurch, New Zealand

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So far I am loving the extra assist that my new RIKONDA e-bike has given me. Due to some mobility problems I find it quite hard to walk very far, so the bike is a God send. I am even considering the occasional commute from Christchurch out to my work place at Lincoln University (23km each way) something I would have never dreamed about with my previous bike. I would certainly recommend RIKONDA e-bikes to anyone who wants to do something to protect the environment improve their health and have fun.
John, Christchurch, New Zealand

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​We bought a Rikonda Commuter Elite and haven’t stopped smiling since! Go do it!
David, Christchurch, New Zealand


I bought my ebike from you about a month ago, and when we were looking in Christchurch you were the only one out of heaps of shops that actually made us welcome and explained everything about the bike, you even let us take the bikes out and try them out before deciding if that is what I wanted, and because of that I purchased my bike, it is excellent, I love the ease of riding and when it is the gale force winds I still can go out and ride.
Glenys, Christchurch, New Zealand


After two weeks on my 2017 Hike things are going really well and I have managed to put 150km on the clock.  I have just started back at work for the year and I am enjoying the 24km round trip through the center of town and Hagley Park. It’s like the head wind doesn’t exist and biking is as easy as taking the car. The staff at work have all been for a ride and are all very impressed with the bikes performance and comfort.
Dave, Christchurch, New Zealand


Love the bike, have done over 50km since I picked it up.  It is running perfectly, Thank you. 
Steve, Christchurch, New Zealand


Bought 2 bikes. Elite and Hike. Great. Very pleased with performance. Gets up the steep hill we live on easily. Great service from Rik and Rhonda.
Rose and Chris, Nelson, New Zealand


Am using it for work and it’s great I can get to work faster than using my car I have no hassles of being caught up in traffic would recommend it to everyone, it was a great purchase!
Graeme, Christchurch, New Zealand


Amazing people, super service!!
Peg, Christchurch, New Zealand


I have just brought a new HIKE electric bike from Rik and Rhonda. What genuinely nice people to deal with. I spent considerable time researching all available electric bikes in Christchurch and found their product to be the best value for your dollar. I have only just completed my first ride of 20ks and found the bike to perform exactly as Rik said it would and now I’m converted to cycling around my neighbourhood to do shop runs and for fun. I’m sure I will get to do the trails in the future. So if you are in the market for an electric bike I definitely recommend iCycle Electric. AND you will be supporting a local business.
Wayne, Christchurch, New Zealand


Had a lot of interest in the bike when riding so if anyone asks I’ll put them onto you.
Karen, Te Kauwhata, New Zealand


I am just so grateful ….and honestly really blown away by your generosity and the amount of effort you went through to help me, it is rare to meet such generosity and integrity in others. So I just had to say that first off …and that I am so deeply thankful for your efforts! 
Helen, Christchurch, New Zealand


I am loving my new e-bike. Previously when on a normal bike I have found it hard work on my body. The set up on my e-bike is just so comfortable and I can bike for much longer and further than before – with absolutely no side effects at all. My husband Martin is so impressed that we are thinking seriously about getting an e-bike for him as well (so he can keep up with me).
Lyn, Christchurch, New Zealand

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I am having a great time. Now a month on the road and enjoying cycling when I can.

Stopped to ride at Alexandra, Queenstown , Haaast area and today in Westport.

I look forward to bringing The Purple Joy for her check up later this month, 

Joy, Amberley, New Zealand


I am excited to say that I took my new Commuter Elite out to McLeans Island and I was able to keep up with my super fit (bike 4000kms in 4 weeks) partner … once I got used to cornering at speed. I spent most of the time on assist level 2 with the occasional accelerator for the steeper hills. After an hour solid biking, the battery signal hadn’t moved from full. The bike ran like a dream and I love that I can enjoy biking with my partner which I never could before.

Amanda, Lincoln, New Zealand

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Finally making time to formally give feedback on your EXCELLENT service. Mid 2016 I visited with my 20 year old daughter who you ended up describing as your youngest customer then. “We picked a bike together and left it to replace the 16Ah battery with a lighter 10Ah battery.  When she bussed over to pick it up she realized she didn’t take her bike helmet.  They willingly offered to drop the bike off at home for her at the end of the day 🙂  A few months later when my wife took the bike back to help sort out a puncture repair she mentioned that the charger wasn’t working and they gave her a free one (not expected or asked for as the problem was possibly self imposed).  Ricky & Rhonda are lovely to deal with (together they have created the Rikonda brand of bike that Kaitlyn is enjoying). I’ve read the other testimonials and they are so right. I’ve recommended you to anyone expressing an interest in ebikes. Great pricing, great service, great to be able to support a local business. Thank you!

Richard, Christchurch, New Zealand

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I am getting on well with my e-bike.   I have been riding with my bike group and have been on shingle tracks as well as roads.   I find I can ride a lot further, the hills are diminishing as well.

Thank you for your help.   I am pleased with my purchase.

Pam, Timaru, New Zealand