E-bike FAQ

No, you can use the throttle, but it will use up more battery power if you don’t pedal. The throttle is generally used for a standing start or if you feel you need a little more help. The power of the throttle will depend on the electric bike cost.

An electric bikes range depends on a number of factors like the size of the battery, where you’re riding – hills or into head wind, or even the weight of the rider.  Generally our 15.6Ah battery will allow you to travel up to 70 Kms. More if you are cruising on 1 or 2 power assist levels.  The larger batteries on our 48V bikes can give you more distance from approx 60kms to 100kms.

It depends on how much the electric bike costs and which model of bike you get. Generally around 30 – 35 kms for the rear hub motor and what ever your legs will do on the mid motor.  Our mid-motor e-bikes are not restricted to a European standard, so do not lock out at a certain speed.

A full charge could take about 4-6 hours. You don’t need to let the battery fully discharge, you can top them up any time.

No. You can leave it in the bike to charge it or take it out, which ever you prefer.

Yes. During the first few months there is a ‘bedding-in” process that happens with all new bikes, regardless of electric or not, where the brakes and gears may move or shift slightly. These and other mechanical components need to be serviced. The motor and battery do not need to be serviced as they are under warranty for 2 years. It’s recommended that your bike is serviced every year after that.

Yes we can service and fix most brands of e-bikes. Feel free to bring it into the shop and we can check it out for you.