RIKONDA – Electric Bike shop – Christchurch

RIKONDA was established in 2015 with a singular goal in mind, to get as many people onto e-bikes as possible and eliminate any limitations on the way.

Before RIKONDA there was Riki and Rhonda. A couple of Cantabrians who shared a unique understanding of the impact that customised engineering and personally tailored equipment could have on a person’s quality of life.

Riki was an engineer who rode both bikes and motorcycles before the spinal injury that left him in a wheelchair, so when he found the need for a low impact form of training that could suit his mobility – the obvious choice was to build his own solution.  This came in the form of an electric hand cycle that allowed him to operate a road bike that was customised to fit his needs perfectly.

Following the development of his handcycle, Riki was able to cycle alongside his family and friends, train in a way that was comfortable and reconnect with a freedom that had previously been out of reach. This, paired with Rhonda’s background at Burwood Spinal Unit in helping people find solutions for an improved quality of life, brought them together to personally designing their own range of electric bikes. The ultimate aim was to connect others to this sense of joy and newfound freedom.

Rikonda Electric Bikes are the result of many years of research and experimentation, manufactured ethically by a team of carefully chosen experts and tailored to fit your needs; be it greater mobility or even just an eco-friendlier ride to work.

Family run, locally owned, great service with a smile!

85, Clarence Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

85 Clarence Street,

Christchurch, 8011
New Zealand

meet the team

We're all passionate about helping you!

Rik Pic


Chief Engineer and all-round good guy. He knows his stuff when it comes to e-bikes - he designs them in collaboration with China

Rhonda Pic

Rhonda Wicksteed

Operations manager and people whisperer. She'll find the right bike to meet your needs

John Pic2

John Allan
e-bike technician

Problem solver of technical and mechanical issues. He's quiet and knowledgeable 

E-bike Mechanic - Josh

josh clark
trainee technician

Bike assembler extraordinaire. He's a little on the shy side but he'll assemble and fix your punctures with a smile